History and heraldry of Family Name Sanchez-castañer.

Coat of arms and heraldry of family name Sanchez-castañer.

Genealogy of family name Sanchez-castañer, origin of the family name Sanchez-castañer, coat of arms and crest for the family Sanchez-castañer, provenance of the family name Sanchez-castañer.

Sanchez-castañer is a family name that we know that there is information about its heraldry, its history and its genealogy.

And here we make available to students of the family name Sanchez-castañer an important bibliographical information that collects its heraldic and genealogy, that are a beginning of face to the study of this family.

Bibliography that collects the history and the coat of arms for the family Sanchez-castañer:

* Heraldario Hispanoamericano y Europeo, by Ampelio Alonso de Cadenas y López and the Spanish King of Arms don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent.

* Blasonario de la Consanguinidad ibérica.

We put at your disposal the heraldic, the coat of arms and crest for this family name in various formats: The images that appear here are examples and none of them belong to the coat of arms for the name Sanchez-castañer:

Name Sanchez-castañer

burnt parchment Sanchez-castañer
coat of arms in ceramic
Parchment with the coat of arms, origin and history for the family name Sanchez-castañer. Very cheap. Burnt Parchment with the coat of arms, origin and history for the family name Sanchez-castañer Coat of arms in ceramic, and its origin and history in JPG and parchment. Size: 45 cms. high x 30 cms. width.

coat of arms sticker

genealogy for the family Sanchez-castañer
heraldry coats of arms in JPG and vectorial formats
Coat of arms for the name Sanchez-castañer in sticker, and its history in other document. Or stickers of what you want, personalized. Genealogy and heraldry. Family tree of your family name Sanchez-castañer with heraldry and history. Coat of arms for Sanchez-castañer and the history and origin for the family name Sanchez-castañer in JPG or Vectorial files as Corel-Draw, AI, WMF, etc.

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The family name Sanchez-castañer is registered in the "Heraldario Español, Europeo y Americano" by Ampelio Alonso de Cadenas and the King of Arms Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent. In this work there are names, like Sanchez-castañer that have branches in America and / or Europe.

The Blasonario of the Iberian Consanguinity, where apper the heraldry of Sanchez-castañer, consists of 7 volumes, starting the first in the year 1979 and the last in the year 1997, being its authors Ampelio Alonso de Cadenas, the King of Arms Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent (maximum authority of Spanish heraldry) and Liliana Ruiz Carrasco. It compiles a set of coats of arms and crests from different Spanish archives, others from armor stones, many from military passports and more from nobility, such as the name Sanchez-castañer corresponding to a line whose origin or location is indicated, but without specific attribution to a specific family. It includes family names as Sanchez-castañer of an extensive universal geography but that were part of the Iberian Community.

* The family name Sanchez-castañer appears in the list of last names in Heraldry & Crests so its complete history, crest and coat of arms or heraldic shields can be known on his website:

Heraldry for family name Sanchez-castañer as well as its story is at your disposal here: Heraldry, history, origin, crest and coat of amrs of the family name Sanchez-castañer

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