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It is known that theLaven have or have been established, among other places, in:

* England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Bibliography that collects the history and the coat of arms for the family Laven:

* The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, by Sir Bernard Burke, King of Arms.

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Name Laven

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Genealogy and heraldry. Family tree of your family name Laven with heraldry and history.

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The name Laven appears in the "General The Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales" written by Sir Bernard Burke appeared for the first time in year 1.842. This book contains about 60,000 names as Laven and are the most comprehensive Collection of Arms, including the Bearings Armorial of Noblemen and Gentlemen of the British Empire, and diverse coats that were seen in churches, familiar mansions, tombs, etc. This book is very valued by who investigate on its ancestors and want to conserve their memory, by means of the story of its well-known actions and the representation of its symbols. Therefore, the name Laven is from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, or radicated in some of these countries.

* The family name Laven appears in the list of last names in Heraldry & Crests so its complete history, crest and coat of arms or heraldic shields can be known on his website:

Heraldry for family name Laven as well as its story is at your disposal here: Heraldry, history, origin, crest and coat of amrs of the family name Laven

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