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The family name Villaquiran has a Spanish coat of arms certified by the Chronicler and King of Arms Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent.

Persons with the name Villaquiran proved their nobility in Real Chancillería of Valladolid, as recorded in the archives of this institution.

It is known that theVillaquiran have or have been established, among other places, in:

* Galicia (Spain).

* Canary Islands (Spain).

Bibliography that collects the history and the coat of arms for the family Villaquiran:

* Repertorio de Blasones de la Comunidad Hispánica, by the Spanish King of Arms Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent.

* Linajes y Blasones de Galicia, by Father Crespo.

* Nobiliario Español, by Julio de Atienza.

* Extension of Enciclopedia Hispanoamericana de Heráldica, Genealogía y Onomástica by Endika de Mogrobejo.

* Los Apellidos en Canarias, by Carlos Platero Fernández.

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The very complete history and heraldry of the family name Villaquiran appears in the big "Enciclopedia Hispanoamericana de Heráldica, Genealogía y Onomástica" written by brothers Arturo and Alberto García Carraffa, and continued by Endika de Mogrobejo. There are more than 100 volumes that occupy this Encyclopedia where we can find the family name Villaquiran. They are arranged alphabetically, although with additions at the end of many volumes. There are more than 17,000 names, including Villaquiran.

The work "Linajes y Blasones de Galicia", by Father Crespo, where the heraldry and the history of the family name Villaquiran appears, is the most important treatise of the heraldry of Galicia (Spain), and was published three hundred years after the appearance of the posthumous "Nobiliario, Armas y Triunfos de Galicia", by Father Felipe de la Gándara. Its author Father Crespo Pozo, had for his investigations, vigils and costly walks that were rewarded with the kind collaboration of Nobles as the Dukes of Medinaceli facilitating the archive of the Grand Casa Marquesal de Camarasa, etc. All this resulted in a plurality of sources of consultation that make the scholarly work, encyclopedic and illustrative in Galician heraldry. This work collects, as we have already said, the history and heraldry of family Villaquiran so the Villaquiran or they are Galician or linked in some of their branches to Galicia.

The family name Villaquiran appears collected by the Chronicler and King of Arms, Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, in his "Repertoire of Coats of the Hispanic Community", that means that the lineage Villaquiran has official coat of arms certified by King of Arms. Said Repertoire of Blazons of the Hispanic Community is the greatest work of Spanish heraldry, where the surnames with his heraldic appears like the family name Villaquiran arranged alphabetically, with their coats of arms. In this work have included the content of many manuscripts of the National Library of Madrid and corresponding to Minutes of Kings of Arms and collects surnames that as Villaquiran are Spanish or very linked for some reason or other to Spain, so those of the family name Villaquiran are in this position. There are also thousands of heraldic and heraldic shields from several Sections of the National Historical Archive, as well as the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, Salas de los Hijodalgos of Vizcaya, etc. In summary, those of the surname Villaquiran have made some test of nobility or knightage.

Julio de Atienza, in his book "Nobiliario Español", collects the heraldry and history of the family name Villaquiran. This work is of great importance for the heraldry because it collects the history, evidence of nobility and nobility of surnames and lineages among which is the family name Villaquiran. The name Villaquiran also appears in the "Heraldic and Noble Dictionary of the Kingdoms of Spain" by Fernando González Doria, although he presents less data on the name Villaquiran than the "Nobiliario Español".

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